Not for all the Property in China


So the referendum has come and gone, with surprising results. Yet the sun has continued to rise, the moon has continued to shine and the world is still turning.

Whilst a lot of people disappeared in the summer to digest what had happened (or to avoid the doom and gloom of the newspapers) savvy foreign investors saw a great opportunity to take advantage of the weak Sterling.

In particular, investment from China is more prominent than ever as the Financial Times reported this week. Property prices are at an all time high in China so the weak pound has arrived at the perfect time. And this Chinese investment is not just in the high end residential market but also in the commercial market. Ultimately China, and other foreign investors, see the British property market as stable for long term investment.

With uncertainty there are always opportunities. And when there are opportunities there is always someone who is willing to invest.

The world might be different after Brexit, and even more so since the vote for President Trump, but it's still business as usual in the world of Real Estate.

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Sales of homes in the capital’s most exclusive areas to Chinese buyers have risen since the Brexit vote, while investment into commercial property from China is on track to grow this year, even as other investors draw back.
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