Brexit Uncertainty... the Saga continues


It has almost been two weeks since the United Kingdom decided to leave the EU and since that date there have been endless discussions, debates and arguments about what may happen, with no one really knowing what will actually happen.

James Roberts, Chief Economist at Knight Frank, has assessed the situation and written an article about the possibilities. He has summed up the position, in my mind, perfectly! 

Basically, the only certainty that we have at present is that the uncertainty within the government needs to be resolved, and quickly, so that we can press forward with agreeing a deal with Europe... I think it is time that the politicians left their egos at the door and started focusing their attention on the country, rather than their careers.  

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In short, if the politicians get their act together, and put the country first, the car could be out of the ditch and on the road. The procrastination not the economy is the problem.
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