'How YOU doing?' What we can learn from the nineties and re-runs of Friends.


I learned my trade in the nineties. There....I said it. Before digi-com really took off and algorithms told us how to sell, though after the Four P's (Product, Price, Place and Promotion).  The Four P's (so to speak) was the marketeers mantra.  It was at Ad-school I learnt about getting under the skin of clients and where I studied this craft.   Some of the more 'analogue' ways of analysing consumer behaviour and understanding what really makes them tick should always have a place in marketing and the article from echoes that thinking. 

Tech Crunch reports, that 'too many companies ignore the difference between strategies and channels'.  What a bland world we live in, if we simply rely on the direct responses of the digital communications to measure ROI.   The article discusses, that traditional marketing routes, involve the concept, the creation of that key message, whereby advertising (only of one piece of the communications puzzle) is implemented and I tend to agree.  So as an old(er) dog navigating the waters of digital communication campaigns and strategy, let's not forget that this only forms part of the picture and should not be the main channel for reaching our customers and connecting them with our brands. 

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In the same way, “Facebook marketing,” “social media marketing” and “content marketing” are not “things.” “Facebook” is a marketing channel. “Social media” is a collection of marketing channels. “Content” is a tactic, not a strategy. “Content” is produced in the execution of strategies such as advertising, SEO and publicity.
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