UK's new system to attract the “the brightest and the best"


The proposed plan by the Prime Minister has been welcomed by many industry bodies. The plan suggests that the need for immigrants to have an offer of employment before arriving in the UK will be removed, whilst universities and research institutes would also be able to endorse candidates. This is clearly a response to the concerns voiced by many professionals and experts leading up to Brexit. You can read some of these comments in my previous Passle "Are we really Global Britain?".

Relaxing the immigration rules, as suggested by the PM, is certainly a step in the right direction. However, the new system will need to be user friendly, simple and clear for the layperson to understand the requirements s/he needs to fulfil. As we are only two months away from leaving the EU, the Home Secretary will need to implement the new system very soon.

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The Prime Minister said a new fast-track system would allow the UK to attract “the brightest and the best"
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