More of a personal entry this time


Howard Kennedy has just announced that our chosen charity for the coming year is MQ, an organisation committed to research on mental health.  Anyone who has seen the anguish of mental health problems at first hand, as I have, will know that this is a silent epidemic in our midst, as invisible as a dream and as frightening as our worst nightmare.  We will be doing what we can to assist their fundraising activities this year and all additional support will be very welcome.

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Around the world mental health research and treatment have simply not been a priority. Yet the burden is huge. Current investment does not reflect this incredible cost to society. MQ is here to change that. MQ: Transforming Mental Health is a new charity with big ambitions. We believe that research will ultimately improve quality of life for the billions of people and families affected by mental illness. We aim to raise money and fund exceptional research to close this gap. Read more about our vision.