The favoured phone by those old enough to remember is having a re-launch and I'm getting all teary eyed.

Who remembers dropping theirs from great height? The one mobile phone able to withstand anything and still have enough battery for two days?

The Guardian writes that "the phone will initially be available only to European and North American consumers and will cost €59, significantly less than its original price in 2000 of £129."

Brexit or not, that's not bad value. Though it begs the question, why? Is it that we are regressing back to more simpler times and manufacturers are tapping into that nostalgia? Are we no longer interested if our very existence can be mapped out before us by smart phone intelligence? Who can tell? Though what 3310 fans may buy into is, indestructibility (or our 'appetite for in-destruction').

So, is the past really a good place to revisit? Sometimes memories of our heroes and the things we loved, are best kept frozen in time. Any Guns and Roses fan from Melbourne watching the recent show at the MCG this week, may well agree.