Big Data - disruptive but critical for lawyers


Interesting article on the potentially disruptive impact of big data to the law world but balanced against its uses in making law more straightforward (and accessible), streamlining tasks like reviewing evidence with the use of A.I, and finding critical evidence to help solve crimes and achieve justice. 

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The amount of data being created by the devices people carry around has grown exponentially, and had a knock-on impact across multiple professions. For criminal lawyers, it has increased the potential evidence that’s available, and this increase in data has been mirrored across all branches of law. It’s a trend that has the potential to completely disrupt the legal profession. “The biggest impact,” says James Rogers, a solicitor at Norton Rose Fulbright, “will not be caused by big data alone – rather it will be the combination of big data with other innovations, such as artificial intelligence (AI) or distributed ledger technologies.”
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