Amazon announces that it is to deliver fresh food as part of its offer to customers.  It seems this brand can do no wrong with the diversification across a number of product and service lines. 'Amazon Fresh' has been operating in the US for approximately seven years and is about to take on the UK retailers as it launches its grocery delivery service in London.  

As an avid user of Amazon, I would be tempted to try the delivery service, even though I do not use this method of purchasing everyday goods.  The rise of internet consumption is a major driver for retail.   UK supermarkets are already under pressure from discounted chains and so this new entrant to the market will certainly make waves.  

Amazon is a superbrand in the same vein as Google.  Just as the popular term to 'Google' the internet as opposed to search.  Perhaps in future we will use the term 'Amazon' instead of to 'shop'.