UK develops 13 Tech "Unicorns" in the past year


Despite the headwinds (and the occasional bit of political uncertainty), the UK has created more technology companies worth at least $1bn (£786m) than any other country in Europe, more than 1 per month on average over the past 12 months.

The UK has one third of Europe's “unicorns” (private companies valued at more than £1bn) and lies 3rd in the league table behind the US and China.

London Tech Week is well underway, there are exciting and free events, such as open house at London's biggest and only 24 hour maker facility with prototype studios and work space for tech and hardware pioneers from startups, the Central Research Laboratory

To paraphrase that famous unicorn hunter, Boris Johnson, "Tech Business!".

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UK-based entrepreneurs have built 72 such businesses in the past 20 years, including 13 in the past year, with only the US and China surpassing that number. Germany has 29 and India has 26.
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