Retailers and their landlords - a relationship worth working on!


With so much discussion about the struggles of retail there has been a variety of suggestions regarding ways to improve the longevity of the sector. One of the key topics which was raised at our Economic Breakfast Briefing this month was the need for collaboration between landlords and tenants; recognising exactly what Sergio Bucher is saying in this article - a successful tenant means a successful landlord. 

We are having this conversation with our retail and leisure clients increasingly frequently, there is a growing shift from the traditional "master and servant" model to a model where each party treats the other fairly . After all, a busy high street is the main goal for both parties, it's a win-win!

Read more about this topic and the other suggestions our brilliant panel had in our article "The Future of Retail - what do the experts think?" on our website and real estate bulletin! 

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It is an obvious truth, but one worth repeating, that the fortunes of retailers and the investors who own our shops are intrinsically linked. That means that at a time when UK retail is going through a period of change as dramatic as any of us can remember, there is a pressing need to work in partnership to define a new future for physical retail.
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