Hostile environment in court for the Home Office


Recent figures released under a FOI request have shown that the Home Office loses 73% of final immigration court appeals it brings against migrants who have already successfully overturned a Home Office refusal.

The Home Office's treatment of those wishing to enter and remain in the UK is already called a 'hostile environment', but these figures further show that the Home Office is willing to make the lives of those people difficult in search of its low migration targets.

Appealing the initial decision by the Home Office is costly in both time and money for those already limited in their ability to support themselves in this country, and further appeals by the Home Office further add to their distress. And of course wastes a lot of taxpayers' money.

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The figures will add to concerns about the treatment of people brought to the immigration court, with lengthy delays often part of the process. People can wait more than a year for an initial appeal to be heard. If the judge then rules they can stay in the UK and the Home Office appeals against that, it may be another year or more before the second hearing.
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