The European Commission has finally endorsed the Privacy Shield. Despite what you might be thinking, Privacy Shield is not a brand of opaque underwear, it is the son of Safe Harbor, the EU-US data transfer system so publicly killed by the Court of Justice of the EU in October last year.

But according to this Engadget story, Max Schrems, and other privacy campaigners are already looking for ways to bring it down, on the basis that it does not completely address the criticisms of Safe Harbor identified by the Court last year. 

In the meantime, the existence of the Privacy Shield will give EU based organisations the opportunity to lawfully export personal data to business partners in the US. There are other routes to compliance, but not all of them are appropriate in every circumstance and a replacement for Safe Harbor was sorely needed. 

Of course, the EU/US Privacy Shield is just that. It covers the exporting of personal data from the EU to US and does not cover the export of personal data from the EU to any