Modern Slavery: first civil compensation award


A UK company has been found liable to compensate trafficked workers who described working in "inhuman and degrading conditions". 

The case bears many of the hallmarks of modern slavery, including migrant workers, charging of unlawful fees for finding work, withholding of wages  and provision of substandard living accommodation. 

The judge rejected the company's attempt to blame  a supervisor who had since left the UK and found the company liable.   Compensation is likely to run into hundreds of thousands of pounds. 

The case highlights the reputational and financial risks for businesses which have modern slavery in their business or in their supply chain.   UK businesses with a global turnover of £36m or more are required to report on steps taken to eradicate modern slavery from their business and supply chain.  Cases like this will increase public awareness and the level of scrutiny from NGOs, the press and consumers.  

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A British company has been found liable for the first time for victims of modern slavery in a landmark high court judgment.
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